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Club News

    Club News

    CSC and Trace Expand Partnership

    By CSC Staff 04/30/2021, 9:30am EDT

    Charleston Soccer Club (CSC) and Trace Soccer are expanding their partnership for the upcoming 2021 season. Charleston SC will be outfitting all Boys NPL and Girls DPL teams with the Trace game film system. The club will have access to all of Trace’s features, including automatic match filming and editing, personalized moments for each player and Trace iD profiles, along with exclusive content and continuing education for both players and coaches from Trace’s on-staff experts

    Charleston SC aims to provide high-quality soccer education throughout the Charleston community and creates an environment for players that encourages a growth mindset. By partnering with Trace, the club has doubled-down on this commitment.

    "Charleston Soccer Club are delighted to be partnering with Trace, to provide high-quality film to all of our Boys NPL and Girls DPL teams,” says Dan Cohen, Boys NPL Director. “Having utilized the Trace system for a few of our teams this past seasonal year, we have found it to be hugely beneficial for both player feedback and improvement, as well as coach education and development. 

    For players and coaches to be able to access personalized, broken down game footage within 24-48 hours of the game's completion is something unrivaled in the soccer filming market, and is what sets Trace apart from others. Additionally, adding Trace iD, Trace’s recruiting platform, to our existing partnership with College Fit Finder will only enhance the discoverability and experience for our High School aged players looking to continue their soccer careers into the collegiate level.

    "As part of our continued commitment to our clubs players, families and members, Trace will be included in the club fees and will not be an additional cost to parents after registration. We look forward to utilizing Trace to its fullest potential for both this year and beyond!”

    As this last year has shown, video analysis plays a critical aspect of player development. Trace is on a mission to empower coaches with a valuable tool without increasing the workload on their end. Trace’s A.I. camera automatically edits and delivers personalized moment playlists to each player’s inbox after every game, requiring no extra editing time by coaches, parents, or club staff. 

    For CSC players who are serious about playing at the college level, Trace iD, Trace’s own recruiting platform, gives players the power to save, share, and spotlight their best moments. Simply select your best match moments, add them to your Trace iD, and seamlessly share the playlist link with college coaches across the country. See how one ECNL player managed to secure a spot on a D1 College Soccer team with her Trace iD, amidst the pandemic.

    By collaborating with Trace, CSC now has the tools to foster development for both players and coaches, increases player retention within the club and provides additional exposure to recruiting-age players, all under one platform.

    Charleston Soccer Club joins over 70 other clubs and organizations that have partnered with Trace for large scale adoption within their organization.


    Summerville Facility Update

    By Charleston Soccer Club Staff 04/08/2021, 2:15pm EDT

    Dear CSC Families,


    We hope you all are doing well and enjoying the spring season! It’s hard to believe that it’s April and the end of the season is quickly approaching. Over the next few weeks you will see our club roll out evaluation dates and locations, parent information meetings and additional programming options that will enhance our club! There is a lot to be excited about as we head into the summer months. 


    On that note, we wanted to update you all on our Summerville Soccer Complex and below is a letter from our Executive Director, Melissa. 




    Charleston Soccer Club Players and Families,


    As some of you likely have seen, Dorchester County has taken some very disappointing actions lately, including notifying us that they have voted to terminate our contract for the use of Summerville facility. The important thing for you all to know is that we have a valid and current exclusive land use agreement, signed by Dorchester County, that is in effect until 2046.

    We would like to provide you all with first some facts (all of which are documented and substantiated). I understand this is lengthy, but we want you to be fully informed. Feel free to share with anyone interested.


    - We have a land use agreement (legally binding contract) that is in effect until 2046.

    - The ONLY way the County can terminate the agreement is if we are in violation of the terms, and do not correct it within 30 days.

    - We have, and always will, operate in accordance with the terms of the agreement. 

    - The terms of this agreement are the same as governed Summerville Soccer Club's use of the facility, so this youth soccer club (and our predecessor) has been operating in that facility, in accordance with those terms, for about FORTY YEARS.

    - The county first approached SSC in 2015 about supporting a new athletic facility (originally at a different site). They approached us again in 2018, where we agreed to support the redevelopment project and over several years assisted in the planning and sent representatives to support the vote.

     - The funding the county decided to use for a new sports facility complex (TIF money) apparently has extensive legal restrictions around where they can spend it (that is why, earlier this year, councilmen began referring to the property as "abandoned"). 


    - Last year they told us they are moving forward with the construction, so whether we like or it or not, our lease is "going away" so we needed to agree to a Memorandum of Understanding and agree to end our current contract (FYI, MOUs are NOT legally binding). Here is the language for the MOU they are trying to force us to sign. It would allow them to terminate any time with 30 days notice. We cannot replace 25 more years of stable use for something that can be canceled on the whim of the council. 



    - When I spoke with council members and expressed my surprise about being told they were going to find a way to terminate our lease, I was told "now, now, sugar, don't get your panties in a wad."

    - When I pointed out the clause in the MOU that would allow them to cancel any time, I was told "don't get too caught up in the WORDS of the document." That is when we hired a legal team.

    - In January 2021, the county informed us that having the facility gated was a violation of our contract and we had to leave the facility open. We immediately opened the gates, locked them in an OPEN position, and provided written notice to the county that we had done so.

    - Note: In July of 2015, SSC requested county approval to install the fence and gates to lock it when not in use, due to vandalism and for the protection of the kids there. THE COUNTY APPROVED THE FENCE AND GATE before it was even installed. Regardless, we left it open.

    - In February, we received a follow on letter stating that we hadn't complied with the demands of the first letter. (Note: gate was still locked open, and we had written notification to the County of such on 2/5/2021, which they also confirmed receipt). See below:



    - This week we received a letter saying that due to us not providing" documentation" that we had met their demands (which is an out of line request and not required by our contract, but we did it anyway as we were still coordinating with them regularly on what a revised use contract may look like that we could agree with).


    While I cannot speculate on their motives, we feel very misled that we were asked to support this project from day one, while the County planned to use funding that would ultimately conflict with our club's use of the facility that has housed youth soccer in Dorchester County for decades. Were they unaware of the legalities around the funding type they chose, or did they think they could easily trick or bully a "little soccer mama" (which is something I was also called by a council member) into signing away 25 years of use for 30 days?


    We remain committed to the kids and families in this area (and also all the areas of this region who send their teams to play at our facility in Summerville). We have always tried to be good stewards of the legacy that SSC entrusted to us, and will continue to be good neighbors to the county. 


    While we are moving forward with appropriate legal action, here's what you can do. Email the council members and other county officials involved. Express frustration, discuss the role this facility and club (and SSC) has played in your and your family's lives, note if you have seen the facility has been open. If you live in the county, you may also be frustrated that money intended for use on "blighted areas" would be spent sprucing up an already perfectly functional sports facility (we hosted SCYSA State Cup). I imagine there are far worse "blighted areas" where the county could spend millions of taxpayer dollars. 


    If you were one of the Dorchester County parents who showed up to the TIF council votes to express support for the project, we understand how misled and upset you are and please reach out. Since all of you are part of the club and they asked us to support the project under false pretenses, express how you feel about that too. Anything you'd like them to know as they continue to serve in a leadership capacity making decisions with your tax dollars. If you send any emails, please copy Thanks so much, we love this soccer family!






    Mrs. Harriet Holman

    (843) 563-0196


    Mr. David Chinnis

    (843) 801-2326


    Mr. George Bailey

    (843) 563-2314


    Mr. Todd Friddle

    (843) 832-0196


    Mr. Eddie Crosby

    (843) 832-0196


    Mr. William (Bill) Hearn (Chairman)

    (843) 442-5787 


    Mr. Jay Byars (Vice-Chairman) 

    (843) 324-6732


    Daniel T. Prentice <-This is who has sent us the MOU and letters

    Deputy County Administrator

    Dorchester County Government

    201 Johnston Street, St. George, SC 29477

    Office: (843) 563-0103



    Can also email Daniel's boss Jason Ward

    County Administrator

    Dorchester County Government



    Rebecca Vance <- worked with her on the original co-branded concept years ago, she's still involved now but is the Town Administrator of Summerville. 


    Town Administrator

    Phone: 8438716000


    Eric Davis <- was part of the fence/gate approval in 2015, and also worked with us since 2019 on the original project and concept, with Rebecca.

    Parks and Recreation Director

    Dorchester County

    201 Johnston Street St. George, SC 29477

    Office: (843) 563-0193



    John Frampton, <- the county's attorney, who should be aware of how inappropriate this whole thing is and how much time and money will be spent fighting.

    County Attorney

    Dorchester County


    Brad Mitchell 

    Deputy County Attorney

    Dorchester County


    Thank you for your support and passion for Charleston Soccer Club. 


    All the best,


    Melissa Britton - Executive Director

    Charleston Soccer Club


    CSC, JIYSC & FCC Announce Alliance

    By Charleston Soccer Club Staff 03/31/2021, 2:00pm EDT

    Charleston Soccer Club, James Island Youth Soccer Club and FC Charleston are excited to announce the formation of the Charleston Soccer Alliance. The three youth clubs will partner on soccer initiatives to enhance the overall experience for players, coaches and families. The alliance will have an impact on players at every age, from entering the game at Sweet Feet (Mt Pleasant, James Island and Summerville) all the way through to programming options at the U19 level. 


    The clubs will share best practices as it pertains to the training and game day environment by collaborating on curriculum development plans as well as monthly coaching education sessions. At the Junior Academy level, the clubs will host combined training sessions each month to further integrate players and coaches from each of the three clubs in a fun Skills-Fit-Play format along with running festival type jamborees in both the fall and spring seasons. This will allow kids from all over the Charleston area to come together, while also allowing coaches and staff from all three clubs to engage collectively to enhance the “soccer in our community” aspect. 


    At the U13-U19 age groups the clubs will align to support boys and girls programming at the elite levels by making a clear pathway available to all players within the Charleston Soccer Alliance. This means that when players begin playing for one of the clubs at the Junior Academy level they can stay within that system through their entire youth soccer career and have access to top coaching and top leagues all housed within the alliance.  


    The Charleston Soccer Alliance looks forward to enhancing the youth soccer experience in Charleston and collaborating with others that share the same vision, passion and commitment.


    “We’re very excited to be a part of the Charleston Soccer Alliance and to join other like-minded organizations in helping to create a better soccer experience for kids in Charleston.  I truly believe that we (the Clubs) can do so much more together than we can do on our own to grow the game and to bring soccer back to the community. I think this is the beginning of something really special for everyone involved and can’t wait to get on the field together!” 

    Christian Michner, CEO; Charleston Soccer Club


    “James Island Youth Soccer Club is thrilled to be a part of the Charleston Soccer Alliance. We look forward to working alongside Charleston Soccer Club and FC Charleston,  bringing kids together with a common goal of improving the development of all players throughout the LowCountry. This collaboration strives to benefit the very youngest players all the way to the top elite level players, giving kids of all skill levels more opportunities to achieve their potential. Giving back and contributing to the common good of the local community will also be a priority of the alliance.”

    Rowdy Floyd, President; James Island Youth Soccer Club


    “The Staff at FC Charleston is extremely excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Charleston Soccer Club and James Island Youth Soccer Club in an effort to enhance the soccer experience for players in the LowCountry.  We are committed to providing quality coaching, safe playing facilities and multiple programs for players of all levels and abilities.  We look forward to working with the staff at CSC and JIYSC to reach our goal of unifying soccer in the Charleston Area.”

    TJ Rostin, President; FC Charleston


    For more information on the clubs in the Charleston Soccer Alliance please visit:


    Charleston Soccer Club:

    James Island Youth Soccer Club:

    FC Charleston: